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30/4-14 at 14.34 Electricians on Call
According to Electrician.com.au Electrical fires require a special kind of fire extinguisher to be doused. Water is unsafe to use because the electricity in the fire can be conducted to
23/4-14 at 11.33 Electricians on Call
According to Electrician.com.au electrical problems do occur no matter how well you maintain your home. In this post we will explore some of the warning signs you need to watch
16/4-14 at 09.18 Electricians on Call
Faulty electrical wiring is a common cause of house fires and poses a danger to your home and belongings. Never do your own electrical work, always engage a registered electrical
02/4-14 at 12.57 Electricians on Call
Thanks to a range of green policies and solar rebates, very few solar customers ever pay full price for their solar installation. But it’s possible to reduce solar installation costs even
07/3-14 at 09.32 Electricians on Call
Electrical Safety in your home Safe use of electricity in your home is important for your family’s safety. There are many indoor electrical safety issues adults and children should be cautious about.
21/1-14 at 16.14 Electricians on Call
LED’s VS Halogen With electricity prices on the rise, there is no better time than now to start thinking about decreasing that energy bill. So why think about changing your lights? Well