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Electricians Newport

Find yourself a trustworthy electrician in Newport

A reliable electrician can be a lifesaver in Newport. For homeowners, a power outage can be extremely frustrating, not to mention dangerous. When you are forced into complete darkness, it can be very overwhelming, especially if you are alone home and don’t have access to a torch or candles. A power outage for a business can be just as damaging. For those businesses that rely on refrigeration systems and heating and cooling, they can suffer great financial losses on spoiled food. Furthermore, if the blackout continues many businesses risk lost time at work, which can be very detrimental. 

The Best Electricians in Newport

It is only natural to want immediate assistance for your electrical problem or project. Time is money and coping with a power outage is quite frustrating. Faulty electrical issues can also be terribly dangerous.
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But before you grab that phone and book your call-out, there are a few things that you need to consider first. These include;

  • Call-out fees are charged whenever an electrician has to head over to your location during emergency hours. This call out fee is charged even though your electrical problem is small and very quick to repair because every call-out cost the company in form of labour and transportation.
  • If you have an arranged meeting with the electrician or if the electrician is called out to access the requirements of a particularly large project then no call-out fee might be charged. It all depends on the availability of the electrician and the complexity of the project.
  • Call-outs can be arranged at any time. Scheduled call-outs are always best because it gives the electrician time to schedule and plan so all clients will be assisted but there is always room for those emergency situations where help is needed instantly.
  • Call-outs are perfectly fine during emergency hours and our qualified electricians can get to you within an hours’ time if needed.

We Offer An Extensive Range of Electrical Services in Newport

At Electricians On Call, we have more than 14 years of combined experience and this extensive experience enables us to provide Newport residents with a great variety of services.

Here are a few examples of things we can do for you;

Expert advice – It is always best to get expert advice when you are planning a major renovation project or have a new construction in mind. We can offer you the best advice on the wiring, rewiring or upgrading of your electrical components so you can enjoy modernised electrical systems, great functionality and save lots of money.

New installations – Our experts frequently work alongside construction teams and are superb with handing new installations for homes and businesses. We can do any type of new installation for you including solar systems, wiring, lighting, security systems, switchboards, safety switches, power points, switches and dimmers, ceiling fans, smoke alarms, TV points, air conditi8oning, office setups, chandeliers, LED lights and much more.

Repairs and replacements – We can also do any type of repair for you in and around the building or replace old, worn out electrical components with new and modern electronics. Our repair/replacement services include everything from simple ceiling fans and air conditioners to complete building rewiring and more. 

Maintenance services – We can maintain your solar systems for you and ensure that everything is in great working condition.

Renovations and upgrades – If you are renovating your home, business, shop or office, we can handle any type of renovation and upgrade for you so you can experience minimal disruption to your home/work life.

Why should you always hire a professional?

Given the nature of electricity and how dangerous it is, it is always best to use a professional electrical company like Electricians On Call for all of your projects.

Professionals like us will ensure that the job is completed correctly and you will receive certification for a job well done. Only the highest quality products will be used and you will enjoy a quick and efficient service. You will also get a nice and tidy completed job with no loose and unsightly wires hanging about to increase your risk of fires or damages.

For more info on our services or to book a call out today, just get in touch with us as we’d be happy to help you.

Electricians On Call are the best commercial electricians in Melbourne. We service Williams Landing, Footscray, Newport, Maidstone, Brunswick, Deer Park, Derrimut and North Melbourne. Contact us now for friendly and reliable electrician services.

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If you have found yourself in the middle of a black out and are feeling helpless, don’t stress. The professional electricians at Electricians on Call are here to help. As our name suggests, our electricians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. We strive to provide the fastest service possible and guarantee to be at your home within an hour of your call. What makes us so quick is our state of the art GPS tracking system. How it works is it provides us with the exact location of our emergency electricians out at work. From this map, we find an available electrician that is the closest to your home and send them straight to you.

When do you know you need an emergency electrician in Newport?

The two most common causes for a call to an emergency electrician in Newport include a power outage and signs of arcing, cracking and smoking. If you find yourself in the dark at your property and cannot regain the power yourself, call one of our emergency electricians today. Solving a power outage as quickly as possible will ensure the least inconvenience to your household. In the instance that you’re a business owner, this call will be vital in reducing interruptions to your business and reducing any stock damage. In regards to signs of arcing, cracking and smoking, it’s vital you are proactive. If you witness any sparking, humming noises or smoke coming from any of your electrical devices, don’t hesitate to call an emergency electrician. Normally these signs indicate a more serious matter including fire or electrocution.

If you need a trusty emergency electrician in Newport, call the reliable team at Electricians on Call today on 0459 033 100.

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